We are 100% Independent

UGUIDEUK is an independent UK university application guidance service, which advises Hong Kong student applicants and their families on how to get the most out of the UCAS process. 

UGUIDEUK does not represent any UK University. All prospective applicants are given objective advice and guidance solely based on individual educational backgrounds and ambitions.  

Over 10 years experience 

UGUIDEUK has over 10 years of experience working in the admissions and international recruitment divisions of the UK’s leading universities, including UCL, SOAS, University of London and University of Westminster.  In addition, we have collaborated with a wide range of British universities via World Class Study in London and the European Council for International Schools, and have worked directly with Russell Group universities as well as other high profile research and new universities across the UK.  

As a result, we have in-depth, proprietary knowledge of the applications process and the greater UK Higher Education landscape.  This will enable us to deliver relevant, focused advice to students applying for all university programmes.

Understanding UCAS 

The UCAS application process can prove to be quite a challenge, but with the right expertise, it can be broken down into discrete, manageable sections to increase the chances of success.

UGUIDEUK will guide you throughout the process: 

-Application Preparation

-Admissions Testing & Portfolio Preparation

-Personal Statements

-Preparing for Interview

-Managing your offers

-Researching and applying for scholarships

-Preparing you for your departure to the UK

In depth knowledge of Hong Kong Education

Hong Kong has one of the best education systems in the world, every year high numbers of outstanding students apply to UK universities. With fierce levels of competition combined with the challenges of navigating through the UK UCAS process, UGUIDEUK will be able to deliver proprietary advisory to help you manage towards a successful outcome.

UGUIDEUK has worked with the schools in Hong Kong since 2006 and understands the learning environment, the qualification frameworks and students competitive drive to succeed. This detailed knowledge of the unique, Hong Kong learning environment means that we are well placed to guide applicants and families with regards to preparing the strongest application as possible.