UGUIDEUK offers a suite of information and guidance services, which prospective applicants or their families may tailor to suit their needs.

For example, if you already have applied to the UK, a session on UK Higher Education may not be appropriate and you may wish to only select ‘Preparing your application’ and ‘Writing your Personal Statement’.
On average, most applicants or their families select up to 3 sessions.

Introduction to UK Higher Education
Overview of universities in the UK, major differences between the UK and US, how to research the universities and programmes of your choice (online resources, printed material, university rankings, university visits etc)

Why Choose the UK
i.  Diverse choice of institutions and locations – how will I feel as an international student in a rural or city location?
ii. The differences between research led study or vocational applied study.
iii. Independent quality assured benchmarking - how does this benefit students?
vi. Student life in the UK.
v.  Financial commitment and scholarships.

Preparing your UCAS Application
How to funnel 50,000 degree programmes down to 5.
How to identify universities and courses that are the right fit for you.
Why do I need an insurance choice?
Admissions testing, portfolio preparation and work experience – what else do I need to consider, and what are Admissions Tutors looking for

Writing your Personal Statement
Just 4000 characters in which to state your interest in the programmes you wish to study and why you should be selected to join the course.

Managing your offers
Unconditional, Conditional, Deferred Entry, Rejection
How do I choose between my offers, what if I no longer want any of the universities I previously selected. What if none of the universities I have applied to make me an offer?

Preparing for Interview
Will I be interviewed, how can I prepare for it. As an overseas student, how can I manage this part of the process?

Clearing and Adjustment
What if I exceed my predicted grades, or what if I do not perform as well as I hoped, what are my choices?

Pre-departure Information
What do I need to take with me to the UK, what will the first few weeks be like, where can I get help/ support if needed?

Every Tuesday evening from 7pm, we host a live chat on twitter (30 minutes) using #UGUIDEchat, all topics covered, all questions answered, and if you just want to follow: @UGUIDEUK

Where can I find a UGUIDEUK session?
UGUIDEUK run's one to one, as well as group sessions. Sessions can be run anywhere that is convenient for you, at home, your office or school. If you would like to arrange a group session, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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